Arizona Metalworker – Phoenix Heat Treating Adds Value-Added Services

“Today it’s all about time and efficiency,” says Peter Hushek, a fourth-generation heat treater and metallurgical engineer. “Almost every manufacturing industry is seeking greater process efficiencies based on shorter cycles, lower energy usage and quicker turn-around times without having to sacrifice quality,” Peter explains in this feature article by Arizona Metalworker. That’s why Phoenix Heat Treating’s new quick-turn services are based on reduced cycle times and improved temperature uniformity that save on labor and energy to meet tighter manufacturing costs. Gaseous Nitrocarburizing, or FNC, in submerged fluid bed furnaces improves surface hardness with a case that resists wear and fatigue. Yet no quenching is required, there’s no change to hot-work steels, and the grinding step is eliminated. Read more about these new, lower-cost heat treating services. Read more.