For nearly one-hundred years, our success is a direct result of our commitment to providing higher quality metal processing services in less time, at a lower cost, with guaranteed quality.

What is now Phoenix Heat Treating, grew from modest beginnings as a small industrial heat treating shop in the mid-west in the early 1900’s, into one of the largest and leading heat treating companies in the western US today. The company enjoys a rich tradition of providing quality heat treating services for machine shops making specialty parts to large manufacturers with high volume processing needs. Many customers who began working with Phoenix Heat Treating more than 20 years ago continue to use our services because of the level of trust they have in our ability to serve their needs. In fact, our success is due to our customers who know that we will always deliver a superior quality service at a competitive cost with on-time delivery.

Today, we provide Leading-edge process automation heat treating services to customers in diverse industries from aerospace to automotive and pharmaceutical to high-tech. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, our primary service area includes the southwest US: Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Southern California, as well as Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico. We also serve many clients in the Midwest who are seeking quality processing services at a lower cost.

Phoenix Heat Treating is especially known for its ability to resolve difficult heat treating problems that are beyond the capability of a typical application. In fact, we fix many problems caused by other heat treating shops who aren’t customer focused and unable to gauge microstructure and hardness chemistry. With state-of the-art automation, computerized monitoring and control systems, and in-house metallurgical engineering and inspection labs, our company can handle the most difficult heat treating and processing jobs. Guaranteed repeatable, documented procedures will ensure compliance to your required standards and certifications.

Whether you require quick-turn heat treating of stamped parts with programmed recipe cycles to ensure exactness in heating, soaking and quenching; or vacuum processing of stainless, high-speed, super alloys, tool steels and aluminum alloys, we can provide a single-source solution for all of your heat treating needs. We would be honored to work with you, and if you choose Phoenix Heat Treating, we’ll put four generations of family experience to work for you.

From a humble beginning in 1915

From a humble beginning in 1915, sprang one of the largest, most completely equipped and best-manned commercial metal treating plants in the entire country.

Born in Czecho-Slovakia, Charles Wesley, Sr. (great-grandfather to Phoenix Heat Treating president , Peter Hushek), spent his entire working life solving difficult heat treating problems confronting his customers. Mr. Wesley was also one of the original founders on the Metal Treat Institute in the early 1930’s. With nearly a century of hands-on heat treating experience and four generations of family knowledge, we pledge to our customers that Phoenix Heat Treating will carry on the high quality standards of Charles Wesley Sr. That’s why we can say that the difference is in our name.