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From a humble beginning in 1915, sprang one of the largest, most completely equipped and best-manned commercial metal treating plants in the entire country.

Born in Czechoslovakia, Charles I Wesley, Sr. (great-grandfather to Phoenix Heat Treating president, Peter Hushek), spent his entire working life solving difficult heat treating problems confronting his customers. Mr. Wesley was also one of the original founders on the Metal Treat Institute in the early 1930s. With nearly a century of hands-on heat treating experience and four generations of family knowledge, we pledge to our customers that Phoenix Heat Treating will carry on the high quality standards of our founders. That’s why we can say that the difference is in our name.

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Our history

Generational experience passed down to create Intelligent Heat Treating ©. For nearly 100 years, our success is a direct result of our commitment to providing higher quality metal processing services to our customers. You will see and appreciate the difference that Intelligent Heat Treating © brings to your parts. Innovative processing for innovative companies in the aerospace, defense, automotive, and commercial industries.

Whether you are looking for a processing partner for a single part number or numerous parts, from the basic to the complex hardening recipes; we will achieve your end results.

Let’s get to work; start by requesting a quote. If you need help defining what process(es) your quote request should include, we are happy to help. Click here to start the conversation.

In 1963 Phoenix Heat Treat opens under the name Fisher Metal Treating. It was not until 1978 that the name changed to Phoenix Heat Treating

In 2013 Phoenix Heat Treat celebrated 50 years of service the valley and beyond. Expanding from a single 1000SF shop floor to a multibuilding 43,000 sq ft campus.

Today, we provide leading-edge process automation heat treating services to customers in diverse industries from aerospace to automotive and pharmaceutical to high tech. Located in Phoenix, AZ we serve customers throughout the U.S. and in Northern Mexico.

Phoenix Heat Treating is especially known for its ability to resolve difficult heat-treating problems that are beyond the capability of a typical application. In fact, we fix many problems caused by other heat-treating shops who aren’t customer focused and unable to gauge microstructure and hardness chemistry. With state-of-the-art automation, computerized monitoring and control systems, in-house metallurgical engineering and inspection labs, our company can handle the most difficult heat treating and processing jobs. Guaranteed repeatable, documented procedures will ensure compliance to your required standards and certifications.

Peter Hushek is a Past President of the Metal Treating Institute and serves on the Advisory Council for ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) credentialing in the Material Sciences Department at the University of Arizona and Grand Canyon University.

Two Processing Tracks

Phoenix Heat Treating is committed to all our customers from local tool and diemakers to large aerospace and defense manufactures. Parts require different processing depending on their final application, that is why we created two separate processing tracks for spec work and non-spec work. If you have heat treat needs that must be certified to an aerospace or defense specification then the spec processing track is for you. If you have a non-aerospace or defense part then the non-spec track is designed for you.

Both processing tracks utilize Intelligent Heat Treating© to achieve your desired results. Get a quote today for both spec and non-spec processing.

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Non-Spec Work

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